How to fix Printing problem in Quickbooks

Quickbooks is an accounting software developed for small and medium-sized businesses. It has great features, but often we face problems in QuickBooks. One of those problems in QuickBooks is the Printing issue.No matter what you try, QuickBooks won't print anything.

In the blog, we will present you with some solutions on how to resolve the issue.  However, if you are still facing the issue, you can call on QuickBooks support phone number to get more information. 

What causes the quick book printing issue?

Since we use QuickBooks for multiple purposes, so, the printing issue could be caused by many numbers of problems. So, 

we are going to present some list of causes. 

Quickbooks not connecting to the printer. 

Quickbooks does not save the form or the file as pdf.

Quickbooks freezes when you command printing. 

QuickBooks is not able to do pdf convert. 

QuickBooks is not able to communicate with the printer.

So, these are the basic problems of printing in QuickBooks. Before going into deeper solutions, let us use the basic solution first. 

First, check the print, turn it on and off to see if the problem gets solved. 

Check for printer paper tray. 

Check the QuickBooks driver to see if it is updated. 

Check The Printer - 

Open the Microsoft word, type, and print. 

Now open the notepad. 

Copy and paste the same content. 

If it is printed fine, then there is no problem with the printer. 

Checking printer Software -  Now that we have checked the printer physically. If the issue is still there. We need to check the printer in windows. 

Open the control panel, then settings.   

Make sure to check if the printer is allowed to print from online Sources. 

If it is unchecked, checked it. 

Again open word and notepad, print then see if it is working fine. 

Check the printer with QuickBooks. 

If it is working again, then fine, but if it fails to work. Then use QuickBooks print and pdf repair tool to repair the printing problems. 

If the issue is still not solved. Then it's better to call on QuickBooks support phone number to resolve the problem. 


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